SOUNDCHECK 044: “Damn Dirty Vultures”

“Damn Dirty Vultures,” stopped by The Salt Lake Soundcheck, Sunday…April, 7th 2019!

Find out what songs get them Jacked! What metal song would they sing to their Mom and where and who are they playing with on 4/20! Check out The Local Music Scene and The Salt Lake Soundcheck every Sunday night at 10pm on KBER 101.1 (Stream on and Thanks to Utah Podcast”

The Salt Lake Soundcheck Playlist 04.07.19

(Highlighted Songs are Featured in Podcast)

Damn Dirty Vultures – Temptation

Truce In Blood – The Righteous

Damn Dirty Vultures – Wichita Woman

Thunderfist – Suck It

American Hitmen – Killing Floor

Damn Dirty Vultures – Hopeless in the Snow

AZ-IZ – Only in America (Winner of “You Pick It, We Play It”)

Blood Moon Majesty – The Other Side

Damn Dirty Vultures – Ghost on the Mountain