AREA 52 097: “Subliminal Slavery, Part 2”

“Go Fake Yourself”

In a follow up to last week’s Mind Control-themed episode, we decided to go further down the rabbit hole and explore the world of “Fake News”, and how far away it really is from propaganda and disinformation. As news stations become more and more biased, constantly discrediting each other and all claiming to be the truth, it’s hard to know what’s real anymore. Is the media just another tool designed by the “secret powers that be” to keep us scared, divided, and controlled? Do they actively shut down, slander, and censor stories and people that don’t fit their narrative? And is it possible that all the news we get is deliberately filtered and edited to fit, frame, and normalize an ultimately nefarious agenda? We also talk about Underground Military Bases, giant praying mantis creatures, summoning UFOs, Tom Hanks on SNL, footage of the Pope disappearing, performance artist and possible witch, Marina Abramovic, and footage of mysterious notes that were being passed at George Bush’s funeral.