OTHER 013: “Mims Bakery”

Tripp Mims started a bakery in 2020 with his wife Thy heading marketing. It took off! @mims_slc or mimsslc.com. You can place your orders for the week and get all kinds of bread! Tripp was a joy to talk with. We wander between talking shop, bread, and other baked goods to tattoos, how weird being human can be, and even grief. Trip tragically lost Thy in an accident that could have been avoided. Tripp has now been spending time at the capitol to end high speed police chases in Utah by law -because these chases injure and sometimes kill officers, the perpetrators, and innocent people like Thy.

Order some good bread from Tripp. It’s divine, we can confirm. His conversation was the best way we could have imagined starting of season 2. Thank you @tripp_mims for such great episode.

You can find his bread served at Old Cuss and Cafe Juniper!