CRE8TIVITY 172: “2022 Year In Review”

Once again we gather the hosts together to review the episodes for the year!
Join Steve, Dylan, Terry and the now official Jessica in looking over the 17 episode from 2022.
We also checking with Terry and learn more about Jessica. Enjoy!

155: Rookery Studios (Dakota Mahan)
156: “MST3K LIVE!” Cast
157: “Immanence” Film (Kerry & Summer Bellessa)
158: Type Affiliated (Hayley Berry)
159: Carah Burrell aka NuanceHoe
160: Hellskate Movie
161: Comedian Guy Seidel
162: Dale Allen-Rowse
163: Actress Zoe Wiesenthal
164: The Tastemasters (David Jiminez)
165: Courtney Dober
166: Ellie InSpace
167: Mariah Eames
168: Brayden Floyd Returns
169: Comedian Jamie Lissow
170: An October Evening
171: Comedian Wes Austin