AREA 52 049: “Cult Classics”

Are you looking for answers? Is there something missing in your life? Do you like giving up your identity, money, family, free will and maybe even your life?! Well there’s probably a perfect cult out there just for you! From small yoga classes that became deadly terrorist organizations to billion dollar religions shrouded in secrecy […]

DIRTPOD 046: “The Eyes Have It”

We’re back and a whole lot has happened since last time, so buckle in! We discuss Allen’s recent eye surgery in all its horrific and terrifying detail, talk about all of the concerts Guy has been to since last time and interview professional wrestler and Marcus’ better half, Marti Daniels. Also, new music reviews, an […]

AREA 52 047: “Mommy Dearest”

In the summer of 2008, a young girl was reported missing, and ultimately found dead, in Orlando, Florida. Her name was Caylee Anthony. Her mother, Casey, became the center of not only the police investigation, but the center of attention and rage for the entire nation. Her actions, stories and accusations enraged and frustrated everyone […]

DIRTPOD 045: “1/16th Kennedy”

This week, the guys answer listener questions, discuss their childhood TV crushes, discuss which member of the famous 27 Club they would bring back, which musician they would want to sit down with and which famous musicians they would have no idea they were sitting next to. There’s also toilet talk, some really bad […]

AREA 52 043: “Dark Disney”

Disney is part of everyone’s growing up. We watched all their movies, we know the characters and all the songs, we’ve been to their theme parks, it’s good old fashioned family fun that everyone can enjoy! But Disney also has a dark side, including a history of racism and sexism, ties to the FBI, employee […]

DIRTPOD 044: “Cannabis Corpse”

This week, friend of the podcast and human music trivia machine, Jay Horrocks, stops by to see if Guy can stump him. We also discuss the maddeningly specific circumstances under which Guy will smoke pot for the first time and why we might actually be able to pull it off this year, the non-stop summer […]

AREA 52 041: “iSpy”

We know we’re being watched. Cameras are everywhere and our entire lives are posted online for everyone to see, but do you know how invasive it really is? From surveillance of every email, phone call, google search to facial recognition and license plate tracking, the government can follow your every move. And it’s all legal. […]

DIRTPOD 043: “25 Vulgar Years of Power”

Recorded the day after the 25th Anniversary of Pantera’s game changing “Vulgar Display of Power”, we take a look back on this undeniably important and timeless album. We talk about the band’s troubled personal history, what would happen if they ever reunited who could possibly fill in for Dime and cast our dream Pantera tribute […]

AREA 52 040: “Coinkydinks”

Thing happen! But what about when things happen that seem almost too weird or good to be true? Throughout history, there have been countless incidents that seem to suggest that the world isn’t just a series of random events. From twins growing up separately but living the exact same lives to a man being a […]

DIRTPOD 042: “Aunt Ruth”

This week, a friend of the podcast and golf pro MIKE NICKAS (@supermannickas), stops by to talk about his amazing weight loss journey and the soun dtrack that accompanied it. We also discuss upcoming summer concert tours, if there’s any real shock rockers left, the insane history of the Norwegian black metal music scene and an […]