AREA 52 086: “Crash Site”

In June of 1947, something crashed in the New Mexico desert. Some say it was a UFO containing alien bodies that the military took to Area 51 to study, while others say it was just a weather balloon from a secret intelligence program. Either way, this incident has created a legend that still lives on […]

AREA 52 078: “Director’s Cut”

After spending an entire episode unexpectedly discussing the fascinating documentary, “Patient Seventeen”, we were, much to our delight, surprisingly contacted by the film’s director, the super cool and incredibly knowledgeable Jeremy Corbell, who offered to come on the podcast to answer some of the questions we had and elaborate on some of the things we […]

AREA 52 043: “Dark Disney”

Disney is part of everyone’s growing up. We watched all their movies, we know the characters and all the songs, we’ve been to their theme parks, it’s good old fashioned family fun that everyone can enjoy! But Disney also has a dark side, including a history of racism and sexism, ties to the FBI, employee […]