AREA 52 069: “Cabin in the Woods”

AREA 52 069: “Cabin in the Woods”

For our spooky Halloween episode, we thought we’d examined an infamous unsolved murder that took place in the woods of Keddie, California in 1981.

Known as the Murders in Cabin 28, this multiple homicide should’ve been an open and shut case, with witnesses, fingerprints and murder weapons left behind, but due to shoddy, and some might even say negligent, police work, not only was the crime scene contaminated and evidence go missing, but the prime suspects were somehow let go despite having all but confessed.

Even today, this case remains officially unsolved, although we’re pretty sure we’ve got this one figured out. So join us this week as we examine the notorious Keddie Cabin Murders, talk about the latest awful Hollywood sex abuse rumors and update you on the latest developments in the ever-unfolding Las Vegas shooting investigation.


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