OUR 103: “Dave Hardward & Michelle Bodkin (Rivals.com)”

Here’s what I like about the show’s we’ve done. We’ve gone deep: ‘Deep into the interview.’ I’m always interested on what makes a successful person’s motor run. What were the struggles, what their achievements are and what their future goals are? I think in speaking with enough people with this mindset I’ve come to the thought that these people are never happy. By that I mean a motivated person never rests, is never content with the current, and is always looking further down the road. That’s the feeling I get with Dave Harward. He’s a single focused individual who sees the end result not as a finish line but perhaps as a step to another goal. While I see many similarities between myself and him I don’t think anyone ever accused me of over planning. Is that good? Is that bad? I don’t know. I do know I seem to create best on the fly, when my feet are to the fire. Dave is a type A personality. He’s got a goal and he’s laid down the track to get there. Done deal! I’m more of the kind of guy who used the excuse in school “I’m a bad test taker” which is one of the most unusual things to say because no one ever said “I’m great at tests but not good at studying”

No one was really on board with my idea of the Utah Utes ending their season right now after their big win against ranked UCLA. That’s not surprising but what if they did? It would be widely covered by news outlets and not just sports. We won a big game, call it a season. I think other teams would adopt this too. One big win, hit the showers. Everyone knows you go out on a high note. Win and disappear, like Keyser Soza of the college football word. Get back to me on that College ballers.