OUR 129: “Comedian Marcus”

OUR starts out with the Dirtpod Podcast Co-Host and Comedian Marcus commenting on a video of Shaggy performing the hit song “It Wasn’t Me” for Michael Jackson’s 30th anniversary.

The conversation shifts to Marcus’ passion for music and his past experiences as a musician before turning to comedy.
Marcus talks about getting older and how that can affect a comedian’s point of view and perspective. He talks about the importance of artistic integrity, honesty on stage and consideration of the audience.

Marcus briefly discusses his run on the hit NBC series, “Last Comic Standing” where he took 2nd Place and how his ability to master impersonations influenced his comedy during that the time.
Marcus then discusses the origins of his new project, “Ghost Hopping” and the experiences that occurred while filming the show. He talks about his love for the horror genre and the differences between international horror films and American cinema.

All this and more on Ol’ Ute Radio Episode 129

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