PEOPLE’S PODSHOW 013: “The Swell Merchants”

The Swell Merchants

Swell Merchants (Ethan the Barber and Young Ass Nico) have burst into Utah rap fans’ consciousness in the past couple years with magnum force. Now that they’ve gained a following, they’ve started to refine their style and streamline their crew by experimenting with new producers and DJs.

One thing they didn’t change was their passion for life, their amazing energy, their solidarity and their love of partying and having fun.

We spent a lazy Sunday afternoon talking about music, sports, our thoughts on social media interactions and, of course, Utah Hip-Hop. Although there is a lot to complain about for young men of color living in a homogeneous community, it seems as if the duo focuses on being positive, networking with local talent (such as Khensu, Erasole James, and Apaullo) and finding ways to navigate their wave into a successful movement.

To find out more about the Swell Merchants listen to this episode and look for their music on SoundCloud at: