SOUNDCHECK 016: “Tiger Fang”

Tiger Fang stopped by The Salt Lake Soundcheck, August 12th 2018………Tiger Fang shared 2 brand-spankin’ new songs with us and they will be released soon. Find out their favorite soft/hard drink, if they could be any animal what would it be? Where in Nevada do they love to play? Check it out and support The Salt Lake Local Music Scene and The Salt Lake Soundcheck brought to you by Outlaw Distillery a Local Distillery, check out and Thanks to Utah Podcast

The Salt Lake Soundcheck Playlist 8.12.18

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(Highlighted Songs are Featured in Podcast)
Tiger Fang – Scissor </strong
Truce In Blood – The Righteous
Tiger Fang – Jimex
Riding Gravity – Heave Ho
Tiger Fang -Club 33
Tiger Fang – Twenty Eight Days