SOUNDCHECK 017: “Reloaded”

Reloaded stopped by The Salt Lake Soundcheck, August 19th 2018………Reloaded shared their brand new song with us called “Let It Burn” for a “Soundcheck Exclusive” only on The Salt Lake Soundcheck!

The song is sooo good that we had to play it twice! Find out who bought the same album as their first album ever and what it was, Learn how to say “YeahYa” correctly, You will find out what songs Reloaded always open up with and close with and does Rocker Dave like to play sizzling hot bacon on stage?

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The Salt Lake Soundcheck Playlist 8.19.18

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(Highlighted Songs are Featured in Podcast)

Reloaded – Let It Burn (Soundcheck Exclusive)

Disengaged – I Am The Devil

Reloaded – No One Knows

Outside of Society – I Don’t Mean It At All

Reloaded – Straight To The Heart

Reloaded – Let It Burn (Soundcheck Exclusive “Double Dose”)