SOUNDCHECK 053: “Riding Gravity”

Riding Gravity stopped by The Salt Lake Soundcheck in the KBER 101 studios.They let us know that they will be releasing their new album’s songs 1 at a time. Find out when their new album is expected to be out? Also who are their favorite Presidents, who in the band likes Yacht Rock and which band member is having a baby soon!

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The Salt Lake Soundcheck – Playlist 02.16.2020
Highlighted Songs are Featured in Podcast)

  • Riding Gravity – Back To Tom With The Weather
  • The 1-2 Manys – Gotta Get Away
  • Riding Gravity – Torment’s Never Ending
  • Andrew W. Boss – Home
  • Berlin Breaks – Lucifer
  • Riding Gravity – Teach Me You (Live in KBER Studios)
  • Outside Infinity – Dream
  • Riding Gravity – Heave Ho (Re-Recorded)