TONY PARKS 009: “Frank Layden, Part 2”

Coach Layden joined the Tony Parks Podcast to talk about the scouting report of John and Karl before they were drafted, coach Sloan’s impact on helping those guys get to an elite level, what it was like to attend Jackie Robinson’s first game and the classic player Mike Trout reminds him of most. 00:10 […]

TONY PARKS 008: “Frank Layden, Part 1”

Frank Layden joined the Tony Parks Podcast and takes us back to some really special memories and thoughts about Jerry Sloan, what makes the Utah Jazz so special and which famous person that he beat when coaching his last high school game. 00:40 Message to people during Covid-19 02:17 Best thing in his life […]

TONY PARKS 007: “Jerry Sloan Was Everyone’s Coach”

A special tribute to Jerry Sloan with great stories and comments from Frank Layden, Thurl Bailey, John Stockton, Greg Ostertag, Karl Malone, Jeff Hornacek, and more. 00:00 opening thoughts 7:52 lifting the curtain (Sloan Stories) -Every game is a big game -Fun with Hots -Lighting up the PA announcer at Staples Center 21:19 Frank […]

TONY PARKS 006: “Thurl Bailey”

Big T joined Tony Parks to talk about a number of things including his coaching and training with, being a part of the forgotten Jazz contender, some behind the scenes moments from the ’83 season and funny stories over the years. 3:00 Thurl Talk 7:30 10:30 Caring and connecting with fans & […]

TONY PARKS 005: “Craig Fite”

There’s a glaring inaccuracy in the Craig Fite story. Craig Fite joined Tony Parks to tell the story of delivering Michael Jordan’s pizza in the 1997 NBA Finals. Hear the story from the beginning and listen to the inaccuracy that Fite can’t quite explain. 4:15 The story 13:37-19:42 The inaccuracy 19:42-end: Discussion about the […]

TONY PARKS 004: “Way Too Many Loose Ends From The Food Poisoning Story”

Tony Parks tells you about the one time he did the impersonation for Hot Rod Hundley and goes into the questions left conveniently unanswered from the food poisoning story from the 1997 NBA Finals. 2:36 Lifting the Curtain (The one time I did the impersonation for Hots) 8:17 The Last Dance (Flu Game)

TONY PARKS 003: “What The Last Dance Won’t Tell You About The 97 & 98 Finals”

Tony Parks brings back the significant details and moments that are usually forgotten or unknown when looking back at the Bulls vs Jazz. 1:22 Proud Day in my family 4:49 Lifting the Curtain (Creating opportunity during the NBA Finals) 16:37 What the Last Dance will not mention ‘97 27:37 What the Last Dance will not […]

TONY PARKS 001: “Donovan & Rudy”

Tony Parks gives you the introduction to the podcast and gives his take on the situation between Donovan Mitchell/Rudy Gobert and the state of the Utah Jazz. FOLLOW TONY PARKS Links: Instagram | TikTok |  Twitter | YouTube View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tony Parks (@tonyparks801)