DIRTPOD 023: “Old F*cks!”

Here’s the thing… You don’t really know you’re old until you’re old! It’s true, its damn true! And although age may be a state of mind, our minds are tired and old too. We bitch about it… but we accept it! In this episode, that’s exactly what we do! We accept our fates and bitch […]

DIRTPOD 020: “Gram-me A Break”

Alright, here’s how this works. I’m in charge of writing these descriptions and by the time I get around to it, I’ve pretty much forgotten what we actually talked about. Here’s what I do remember: we started out wanting to talk about the Grammy’s, which I think we did get around to at some point, […]

DIRTPOD 018: “Oh No-wie!”

In this week’s episode, Marcus returns and the boys get personal as they reminisce about their own band days and how being musicians and performing live music prepared them for what they are doing now. They also pay tribute to, and remember the music and film legacy of, the one and only David Bowie. They […]

OUR 137: “We Hardly Knew Ye”

Comedian Christian Pieper Episode #137 of Ol’ Ute Radio welcomes comedian Christian Pieper as he prepares to leave Salt Lake City, Utah for Los Angeles! Sascha Blume and Pieper talk about past beefs and dealing with in-authentic people in media and the business of SHOW. Pieper explains his perspective on the importance of being an […]

DIRTPOD 017: “Lemmy!”

Marcus couldn’t make it this week so we had comedian/MetalHead Aaron Orlovitz join us to recap the best concerts, shows, movies and other things of 2015…at least that’s what we wanted to do, the show quickly became a tribute to Lemmy and a few others who have passed. Give this a listen, many fun changes […]

DIRTPOD 015: “Dead Homiez”

Get ready to pour some of your 40 out on the streets, because in this episode, the Boys talk about the greatest losses in music history. Music has had some tragic losses, some weren’t their fault, some were!Some were way before their time, some we just weren’t ready to say goodbye.Some silenced music forever, some gave […]

DIRTPOD 013: “Movie Tunes”

In this episode, the guys take on obscure songs from obscure movies and manage to reveal their obscure taste! From songs that you had no idea were in movies… to songs from movies you love but have never heard. Tune in and find out the answers to the important questions: Like can Guy stump Allen […]