SOUNDCHECK 018: “Outside Infinity”

Outside Infinity stopped by The Salt Lake Soundcheck, August 26th 2018………Outside Infinity shared 4 brand new songs for us and they will be released September 8th. You can get a CD at Rivers Edge Rockfest/Campout.

Find out what video game they would like to be and play in? How did they get their name Outside Infinity? Why is the Great Salt Lake so Great?! Check it out and support

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The Salt Lake Soundcheck Playlist 8.26.18

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(Highlighted Songs are Featured in Podcast)

Outside Infinity – Unfriended (Soundcheck Exclusive)

Berlin Breaks – I Can’t Breathe

Outside Infinity – Told Ya So (Soundcheck Exclusive)

Incrypted – Cauterize

Outside Infinity – Mother’s Cradle (Soundcheck Exclusive)

Outside Infinity – The Shining (Soundcheck Exclusive)