STUBBSCAST: “Jody Genessy & Hans Olsen”

Keith had Chinese food at a Jazz game. Good idea? You’ll find out the answer and more riveting info on this week’s StubbsCast. It’s also Keith’s birthday episode. Keith shares his birthday with many successful & famous people but somehow doesn’t seem overtly jealous. This week’s guests are Jody Genessy & Hans Olsen. Jody is the Deseret News beat writer for the Utah Jazz and a sometimes triathlete. He churns out volumes of pertinent Jazz info for the people, his employer and for frequent flyer miles. Hans Olsen is the co-host of the award winning ‘Bill and Hans’ show on ESPN 700 in SLC from 2-6pm and in 2013 discovered the joy on non deep fried fish. Thanks for tuning in. It is appreciated.

Jody Genessy: Deseret News | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter | Vine | YouTube
Hans Olsen: Twitter